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January 2009



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Jan. 20th, 2009



Manga: Japanese Ambrosia

Manga is an obsession of mine (really want an internship with Viz). I've decided that I want to work with magazines and I would love to be a reviewer of Anime or Manga or some combo of both. I mean that would be one awesome job no doubt.

So manga I've read:
Angel's Coffin - Oneshotter It made me cry! Good read.

Bleach - Up to current Shonen Jump Issue - one of my all time faves! (All currently released volumes: 25)

Castle of Dreams - Collection of Oneshotters; Relaxing for the most part, nothing but leisure reading but it was entertaining.

Ceres, Celestial Legend - VOL 1 and I really want to get my hands on the others! (All currently released volumes: 18)

Death Note - Up to Vol 5 and I've forgotten a lot so I gotta go back and read it again before I read anymore on the series. (All currently released volumes: 13)

DN Angel - VOL 1; It's cute but just haven't picked up the rest -.-' (All currently released volumes: 11)

Kingdom Hearts - Up to the Second volume of the last series (All currently released volumes: 4 (Kingdom Hearts) 2 (Chain of Memories) 2 (Kingdom Hearts 2))

Midnight Opera - All 3 volumes, okay I suppose. They were kinda confusing. Prolly should read them again.

Million Tears - VOL 1&2 - Same as above, really.

Naruto - Up to current Shonen Jump Issue - JustManga.com has the next 4Vs for sale two weeks early! If only I had cash... *sigh* (All currently released volumes: 37)

Princess Ai - Omnibus Edition Trilogy - One of my faves! Totally Awesome!

Princess Ai: Prism of Midnight Dawn - VOL 1 can't wait for the other releases! (All currently released volumes: 1)

The Reformed - Oneshotter, good read but the ending was a bit anticlimactic

Rosario+Vampire - VOL 1-4 So cute! What else can I say! (All currently released volumes: 4)

Tail of the Moon - VOL 1-4 I got hooked then I got unhooked which was weird because this is such a cute story line that I can't help but fall in love with it! (All currently released volumes: 14)

Tsubasa - VOL 1-18 - I LOVE IT! But I need to go back and read them again before I read VOL 19 cause the last few were a little confusing. Think I read them too fast. Tends to happen to me. Oh well (All currently released volumes: 19)

Vampire Kisses - VOL 1&2 Cute adaptation to a book series (that I have yet to read) funny but takes forever to get out volumes! (All currently released volumes: 2)

Vampire Knight - Up to current Shojo Beat Issue; SO SO GOOD!!!! (All currently released volumes (5)

Wallflower - 1-4 except for the last one in VOL 4 'cause I was afraid of it ending on a cliffhanger and driving me crazy before I got the next one. It would cause an ugly cycle I believe. (All currently released volumes: 18)

Wanted - Oneshotter from the creator of Vampire Knight, not as good as VK, more of a comedy than drama. But it's cute. It made me squee.

Wolf's Rain - VOL 1 Pretty good. Need to reread (read 3 years ago when I first started getting into manga.) got VOL 2 so we'll see.

Manga that I own but have yet to read:
Cowboy Bebop VOL 1
Death Note VOL 6-10
DN Angel VOL 2&3
Dragonball VizBig VOL 1
Fairy Cube VOL 1
Fruits Basket VOL 1-5
Othello VOL 1-6
Rebirth Omnibus Edition VOL 1-3
Shinobi Life: VOL 1
Tail of the Moon VOL 5&6
Trigun VOL 1
Tsubasa VOL 19
Wolf's Rain VOL 2

Manga I would love to get a hold of:
Captive Hearts
Card Captor
Ceres Celestial Legend
Chibi Vampire
D. Gray-Man
Full Metal Alchemist
Fushigi Yugi
Gundam Wing (no longer in print... makes me wanna cry...)
King of Bandits, Jing
King of Thorn
Maximum Ride
Millennium Snow
Red River
Rurouni Kenshin
Sailor Moon
St. Dragon Girl
Yu Yu Hakusho

Jan. 18th, 2009



Excitement - Thy name is higher education.

Well, I have a lot books to read this semester. Lots of stuff to do and so much little time to do it in. I thought I would give a list of the school books I'll have coming for the reviews.

Emma - Jane Austen
Lady Susan - Jane Austen
Northanger Abbey - Jane Austen
Sense and Sensibility - Jane Austen <-- See a pattern, lol
White Noise - Don Delillo
The Sound of Fury - William Faulkner
Grendel - John Gardner
Blood Meridian - Cormac McCarthy

Also I will add some release dates for books and manga in the calendar so be sure to check that out.

L8R gator,

Jan. 18th, 2020



Welcome to Puck's Field


There are hundreds of books out there of all different types! (I should know I have nearly 600 in my collection alone.) The books I read I want to share from this point on! I hope everyone enjoys their stay and please comment.

So fiction, nonfiction, poetry, graphic novels and manga will be thoroughly discussed. Hope everyone has a pleasant visit

- Fat Nat

"Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers." - Charles W. Eliot